Link Building Submission Bahrain

Link building is a pretty general term used to describe anything you do to build links to a website. There are two primary reasons to build links; Direct Click-Through Traffic, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is two main types of links:

- Reciprocal Link: A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Reciprocal linking between websites is an important part of the search engine optimization process because Google uses link popularity algorithms (defined as the number of links that led to a particular page and the anchor text of the link) to rank websites for relevancy.

- One way link: A One way link is a term used among webmasters for link building methods. It is a hyperlink that points to a website without any reciprocal link; thus the link goes "one way" in direction. One Way Link are seen as more valuable in Google's eyes because your site is seen to be 'of value' because a site is linking to you but there is no reciprocal link in return. The other advantage of one way links is that you don't have to link back to anything. This way you are avoiding linking to bad neighborhoods which could in turn get you banned from Google.