What is a Backlink

What is Backlink
The Backlink an important factor for Search Engine Optimization & Marketing. Back link is the same as an inlink. Or described as the link on someone's website that hyper links or leads to your website.

As part of the Search Engine Algorithm the number & quality of backlinks increase your search engine rankings. Back links are also referred to as incoming links, inlinks or inward links.

When creating or requesting backlinks to a website you should consider strong keywords thank link back to you.

For example 'Bahrain Classifieds' is a back link to BahrainFocus.com. 
The search engine will determine that the back link keyword 'Bahrain Classifieds' links to Bahrain Focus so the landing website ranking will improve on the keyword Bahrain Classifieds.

What websites are linking back to you matters as well. The Higher the Google Page Rank of the Linking back website the better chances that you will see an increase in your website search engine ranking on that particular keywords.

Although Backlink is an important factor SEO, SEM does not completely depend on it.